Poetic Prompt Challenge 1: A poetic mech

This challenge was posted to our ai:1 art:1 chat:1 Discord:

Take an image and try to recreate it by writing a poem as the prompt

I started with this image, which was a random choice I'd recently created:

Starting image

Instead of making something locally using Stable Diffusion as I usually do, I figured this challenge would probably go best with Dall-E 3, due to its advanced prompt following skills (well, so long as you don't offend its tender sensibilities anyway).

Here was my first go, which was really an accident as I hit enter before I really got anywhere with it 😀

On one fine misty spring morning, I took a walkabout 

But here is the real deal, which I was quite pleased with. Check out the poem below the image.

A poetic mech

And the poetic prompt:

On one fine misty spring morning, I took a walkabout
Still in my silvered battle mech armor, atop my black firesuit
A silly sight my slim figure made, looking into the distance
    with a carpet bag over my shoulder!

The trail ends at the grassy shore of a curving brook, edged with rocks big and small

A welcoming sight in the distance! This ancient Chinese traveler
may soon find her rest for the eve

I am met with two rustic buildings, perhaps a tavern and a farmhouse?

The eaves under the upturned roof are beckoning to me

The porch seems to have a chair with my name carved on it

The bushes near, the mountains afar -- I am home

I'm no master of meter, but this did the trick for me.