Check out InstantID, an amazing photo styler

an image processed with the InstantID technique being discussed in this article
This image looks like it MIGHT be someone I know in the future

"Put your face in any style" is the claim made by the authors of the paper titled: InstantID : Zero-shot Identity-Preserving Generation in Seconds. You don't have to know what this means, as the team spent a lot of time providing examples and comparisons to previous techniques. This stuff moves so fast -- I was evaluating one of them the day before writing this article, which had also been recently introduced! 

Our model supports identity-preserving generation in high fidelity with only single reference image in any style.

We can achieve competitive results as LoRAs without any training.

Expect to see even more "face cloning" or "selfie styling" apps and services and features over the next few months. This stuff was already possible for most of a year, but you really needed many photos, careful preparation, and a lot of expensive GPU time to do it well. Not anymore. I have this running on my PC now, takes 30 seconds on my mid-range GPU.

There's definitely two sides to this, as with most anything.

We are now at the point that you should not blindly trust photographic evidence without additional context or other verifiable measures!